Wetzikon, Switzerland

The Trip

January 9th 2021

Upcoming Events

2020 May 30
Blast of Nature

Vorderthal, CH

2020 Sep 27
Trip to Paradise

Bülach, CH

2020 Oct 02
Aries Bday Night

Zürich, CH

2021 Jan 09
The Trip

Wetzikon, CH

2021 Jul 27
Fancy Dance



I want to play as much as I can, so if you want to listen to some really good music:




Past Events

2018 Feb
Secrets of Psy

Tecknau, CH

2018 Oct
Squelch ( PsyTribe meets Loomynum )

Bahlsthal, CH

2019 Mar
The Darkest Hour

Bahlsthal, CH

2019 Mar
Whisper-Lounge 24H Eröffnungsparty

Hinwil, CH

2019 Apr
۩۞۩ Magic Forest 2019 ۩۞۩

Hinwil, CH

2019 May
Tagestanz am Fluss

Uznach, CH

2019 Aug
Liquid Dance – we are one

Zürich, CH

2020 Jan
Spontan Tagestanz

Uznach, CH

2020 Jan
Hard Rave 2 Floors

Schaffhausen, CH

2020 Mar
★TALAMASCA★ Presnd by Schlaflos & KF Records

Aarau, CH

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